Share Ramadan – Our Experience

Last week, we fasted in the office to raise money for Share Ramadan. We all started our experience full of optimism, unaware of the hard day that lay ahead. At a time we would normally all be sleeping, we stayed awake sending each other pictures of obscene amounts of food, drinking pints and pints of water trying to beat the clock before the fast began.

When we all reconvened in the office later, it was clear Ramadan was taking it’s toll. Hysterical laughter had overcame Stephen Seymour, Garry was struggling to keep it together & Amy was just doing her best not have a mental breakdown.

As the day continued, each of us missed something more than the other. For some it was cigarettes, others it was simply just being able to have a drink of water. Towards the end of the day, we all ended up in Simon’s office with one thing on our mind, how long till we can break the fast?

Finally the time came where we could leave the office and head to Shahid’s to break our fast. It happened to be the same day as the election results, so the outcome was on the news which provided us a handy countdown until when the first result would come in our in our case when we could eat.

Breaking the fast was fantastic. It’s true what they say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone as bottles of water and juice have never before passed around a table so frantically. Shah’s mum and wife had made us a mountain of food, more than we could finish.

After dinner, we were treated to some Desi tea and biscuits which was fantastic and a recipe you should be looking up! At the end of our experience everyone was left more thankful for the things we all take for granted and with a tremendous amount of respect for our Muslim colleagues and friends who do this every year. We also managed to raise over £900 to give to the victims of the recent attacks in Manchester and London.