Are we taking data and information security seriously?

I read an article in the last number of months on the BBC website (

The headline reads “Nearly six million fraud and cyber crimes last year, ONS says”.

For the first time, crime stats are now including cyber crime and fraud, revealing that now 1 in 10 people have been a victim of a computer misuse offence, with most relating to bank account fraud.

” The most common types of fraud experienced were bank and credit account fraud, with 2.5 million incidents, followed by “non-investment” fraud, such as scams related to online shopping, the ONS said.”

Our focus as an organisation recently has been around information security policy and PCI compliance; bringing this issue to light to organisations who likewise are finding their way in the new technology age.

With services and data, becoming more exposed and connected globally, it is crucial that any organisation who has a responsibility for storing, transmitting or processing payment card information; takes that responsibility seriously and reviews their information security policy and their PCI compliance.

I’ve had conversations with people over the last number of months who have all recounted personal experiences of fraud or misrepresentation; thankfully many of them have taken these lessons and applied them to their respective organisations.

It might be a good time for everyone to reflect, who’s responsibility is data and PCI security in their organisation? Is it yours? Should you act?

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